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Additional considerations like whether or not your documents are validly written and executed vary from state to state.  Other considerations like state and federal tax and law changes also come into play.  While those changes may not impact you during your lifetime,  upon your death, the inadequacies of documents that were prepared without the assistance of an estate planning team may be revealed.   


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One of the key components to a successful estate plan is making sure that the assets, that you have worked your entire life to accumulate, are successfully transferred to your heirs upon your death.

Your estate plan should be the culmination of a well thought out estate and financial plan and not a slap-dash, cookie cutter document that does not take into consideration your specific financial and personal life. Have you been divorced?  Have your children been divorced?  Do you have a special needs child?  Do you have a high net worth or are you still accumulating assets?  



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