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How Do I Plan My Estate?

How Do I Plan My Estate? Estate planning is a critical step that everybody should take at some point during their life because, whether or not they are consciously aware – you have an estate. If you own a house or a car – then you have an...

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Why a Living Trust is Important

Why A Living Trust is Important A living trust is a legal document that, when properly funded, holds your assets in the name of the trust rather than in your name. Depending on the type of trust you write, and how comprehensive it is, it can minimize or outright...

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How to Take Care of Your Estate Taxes

How to Take Care of Your Estate Taxes Unlike income taxes and probate costs, which can vary and are, relatively, not that high, estate taxes are almost always a high percentage of the entire estate that is being taxed. While these taxes are collected within nine...

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Irrevocable Trusts

What is an Irrevocable Trust? While most types of living trusts are revocable, and thus can be changed even after they’ve been drafted, either with a few simple updates to reflect changes in status or by being rewritten wholesale, this is a key appeal with living...

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The Importance of a Trustee

Why You Need a Trustee A living trust is not complete without a few key details – assets that fund the trust, the grantor who initiated the trust, the beneficiary who will receive the assets held in the trust, and the trustee who oversees the trust by following the...

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