Making Sure Your Heirs Get What You Intend

The article, which was written with physicians in mind but still applies for all types of estates, proposes two scenarios which can lead to beneficiaries not receiving what you intend them to. The first is for those estate plans that are made after attending a seminar...

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Your Mid-Year Estate Planning Checklist

Where funding a trust is important, and this article reiterates that point, it is also imperative – as the article notes – to review it. The article explains that, over time, things can change, such as your job or overall financial situation, for the better or for the...

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Estate Planning: Don’t forget to fund the trust

This article begins with a question and an answer, regarding the funding of a trust and what that means. It uses the analogy of a box that, while functional on its own it is only truly useful when something is put into it. The article explains that trusts are similar,...

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6 Common Myths About Estate Planning

  This article admits that there are numerous myths surrounding estate planning, chief among them that we have the time to make one later. That is one of the six myths the article works to dismiss in order to help readers understand the important role a timely,...

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Defusing the Time Bombs in Your Estate Plan

This article, written for Forbes, discusses the importance of the people who will make the decisions for an estate once somebody has died – or in some cases, while they are still living. It refers to them as ‘time bombs,’ as they can make or break how one’s estate is...

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To Will or to Trust

To Will or to Trust The law can change, quickly, and it is important to keep up with these changes – whether you are using a living will or a living trust. It lays out, first, the key difference between a living trust and a living will – the former is a private...

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